Have You Ever Wondered How Some
Financial Advisors Seem to Have the Secret
Formula to Success?

Learn about the the Secret Strategies, Tactics and Scripts that I
Use with my Coaching Clients to Increase
Their Productivity and Income ... and how

How many times have you sat at your desk unclear what your plan for the day is, feeling unmotivated to move forward and just plain frustrated with the income you are making as a Financial Advisor?

Do you wish that you could have clarity on how to move forward and grow your business by taking the daily actions necessary and sticking with them so that you would make monthly goals that you would look forward to reaching?

Imagine someone creating forms just for you, someone who knows your situation and how to structure your day for maximum efficiency.

How much money would you pay to have someone to do this?

Look, if you are frustrated with your lack of focus and certainty in what you should be doing for your business and are feeling like you’re missing the foundation necessary to make your business successful, keep reading

Learn from the experiences I’ve gained from coaching thousands of Financial Advisors on how to increase productivity and find success using this very system!

How a Financial Advisor used Situational Coaching to get Results!!!

Chris was a newer advisor who wanted to increase his prospecting skills. Part of doing so is to become more effective at each of the 9 steps of the client acquisition process. He had a big appointment with a client that he had made the same recommendations to a year earlier. This time, he was very prepared! He used the Advisor Solutions 2nd meeting process to focus on overcoming objections and closing the sale! Chris was so effective at it that he closed the sale and made $5,000 gross that day!

Some of the Strategies Included in this program:

  • Solidify in your mind and the mind of your clients why your business exists!
  • Choose from a list of goals specific to Financial Advisors what you want to focus on and how many goals you should have at any one time
  • Fill in the blank statements that allow you to get crystal clear on the results you want!
  • Specific suggestions on what activities will lead to working better with clients and making more income.
  • How to take all of your answers and compile them into a clear “blueprint” customized specifically for your business.
  • How to take your goals and break them down from a project into daily actions.
  • How to anchor your goals to a rewards system that will work every time. Imagine rewards that you can’t wait to reach (Hint: The reward isn’t for you!)
  • Time management forms specifically designed for the Financial Advisor’s day. Manage your tasks and your interruptions with ease by using Advisor Solutions proven system.
  • How to automate the process and get all the steps done with reminders.
  • A form that will help you quickly evaluate the steps you’ve been taking and whether or not they are working and might need to change.

How a Client Increased his Level and Quality of Activities

Kenyon was interested in finding a better way of structuring his time and activities in order to achieve a higher level of results. We worked on providing awareness, action and accountability to generate a well rounded plan that was specific for his needs. By focusing on his level of activities as well as the quality of each activity, he was able to reach a new level in his business! He has been able to have his single biggest production day to date.... $17,000!!!

How much would it be worth to you if you implemented this and brought in just one client on great terms?

Originally, based on all the money-making secrets loaded into this program, I was going to charge $97 for it, but then I realized that Financial Advisors should not be without this essential information which I believe is critical to the foundation of success. I am offering this for only $47 on a limited time basis….This basically pays for itself as when you use these techniques you increase your productivity, and focus on the clients and earn the income that you want.

If after using these techniques for 6 months you can honestly say they didn’t work for you, return it and I will give you a full refund! My goal is to get these “game changing” techniques into as many hands as quickly as possible. Once that happens the price will go up… significantly!

Need more of an incentive to buy?

Bonus 1 (Value $27)

As another incentive to order now, I will include an audio program to complement this Action Guide that will walk you through each concept and explain clearly what to do in each step.

Bonus 2 (Value $27)

Also, I will include an audio download of the first CD in a series titled "The Solutions Series: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities". This series has been created over years of researching the most common challenges that Financial Advisors face and is focused to help you break through the barriers of these challenges with ease.









Only $47


Daniel C. Finley
Advisor Solutions, Inc.

PS… Remember, there is no risk! If you honestly tried to implement these strategies and you can’t see increased productivity or have increased your income, simply email me for a full, NO HASSLE refund.